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Welcome to the Tabletop Collective. A group of content creators, gamers and friends who want to share our experiences, knowledge and passion for tabletop gaming of all kinds with our ever-expanding community.

Creator Spotlight

Pantheon Studios

Jay is one of, if not the best Tau players in Australia. He has been contributing to the community at events for nearly a decade. Check out his content and get behind the Greater Good!

GT Wins

Games As Tau

Years With 40k

Dive Into Tau’s Secondary Game

With Pantheon Studios

Jay gets into the nitty gritty of what to take and when to not only put pressure on your opponent but take the pressure off you.

Latest Creator Uploads

Communication Wins Games! 40k Edition

Easy 100s! Definitive Tau Secondary Guide

Tournament List Repair & Giveaway

Whether you want to get more of your games and compete on a higher level or just have a smoother gaming experience on your board game night, join our community of like-minded gamers and content creators and dig into everything they have to offer.

Warhammer 40k

Dive head first into the grim darkness of the 41st millennium equipped with the knowledge to you need to survive. 

Age Of Sigmar

The world as we knew it is shattered and an age of unrelenting chaos and war on a planar scale is upon us. Don’t be caught off guard, stay a while and listen.

Dungeons & Dragons

Hold the gates! Find the loot! Slay the dragon! Roll… a Nat 1. Oh no! Jump into our guides for dungeon masters and adventures alike.

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Jay Talks Tau!

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